Millennium Video Selfies: How Has Millennium Affected Your Life? Prizes to be won!

backtofrankblack banner 1With Frank Black having returned in his own comic book and intense speculation and interest in the possible return of The X-Files to television, we wanted your opinion as to why Millennium should be considered for a return to the medium of television as well.

Here is your chance to voice your opinion to the Millennium and The X-Files fandom and maybe FOX as well.

Grab your phone or video camera and record a short video telling us..

.Mill Vid Selfie

… How has Millennium affected your life? …

We’ve had a chat with Lance Henriksen about this idea (who is keen to join in), he loves the idea of you guys showing off your love of Millennium and why its important to you as much NOW as it was when it aired!

The video can be funny, serious, odd, honest or a bare face lie. Have fun with it. The fact you’re reading this very article suggests Millennium has affected you in some way? If Peter Watts is reading this, almost certainly. We hope to get some faces of Millennium involved in this event, so yours maybe selected to join theirs in a special montage of Millennium Video Selfie love! The prizes are yet to be confirmed, but we thought some advanced warning would be good! A short clip recorded on your phone, tablet, webcam, however you like, 10-15 seconds giving the world a reason why Millennium should return to television, would send a powerful message? You game?

Competition Prizes:

First place – A 10 minute phone call with Lance Henriksen plus 2 signed photos.

Second place – The Millennium complete series box set (Region 1) plus 2 signed photos.

Third place – 3 signed Lance Henriksen photos.

Competition Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Videos should be between 10 and 15 seconds in length and must be presented without a musical soundtrack.
  2. VIdeos may be submitted in any of the following formats: mov, mpg, avi, or wmv.
  3. Visual and audio content from Millennium and/or other sources are permitted to be included under Fair Use rights. If you are including original content, you should obtain the permission of any individuals that feature in such content before submitting your trailer(s).
  4. Multiple entries are permitted.
  5. All entries are to be submitted via SendSpace, with the relevant URL to be emailed to along with your contact details.
  6. Final date of entry to be confirmed.
  7. The winning video will be selected by a board picked in turn by the Back to Frank Black campaign team, and the board’s decision will be final.
  8. In submitting your video for the competition, you agree that it may be shared by Back to Frank Black in order to support the campaign online, and in other promotional materials. Credit will be given in any and all such instances that the video is used.

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