Release dates for Millennium #2 and #3

Millenium02_cvr_b2fb Millenium02_cvrSUB_Btfb

Purchased issue one of IDW Publishings Millennium comic and wondering where issue two is? Fear not, the release of the second issue of the brand new Millennium series, bring back Frank Black to narrative alongside guest star Fox Mulder, will be published this month on 18th March 2015. This delay may have disappointed Millennium readers, especially after the positive reactions to issue one (here’s ours), but one benefit from this situation is you get issue three almost directly after! Issue three’s release is planned for the 25th March 2015 – a week later!

Naturally, all this is with all things permitting! So to conclude, we wanted to:

  1. Let you know that your favourite criminal profiler had not vanished again for another decade!
  2. Give you a glimpse of the issue two cover and its variant!
  3. Assure you of the next release date (18th March)!
  4. Remind you #3 is just round the corner also (25th March)!

Find the Millennium comic at your local comic book shop! You can find yours with the Comic Shop Locator Service:

We will post about this separately, but with entries still popping by, and with the comic delay also, we’re going to extend the Millennium Selfie Competition to the end of this month, giving you more time to enter still! That way March truly becomes a month to indulge in Millennium!


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