Millennium Group Sessions Podcast: Millennium Comic Overview

MGS (2)

Millennium Group Sessions, Back To Frank Black’s biggest, best, longest, shortest and only podcast, is back.

Today we have an overview panel discussing the content and ramifications of the Millennium mini-series comic event. This five issue series was written by X-Files comic writer Joe Harris and published by IDW Publishing. Joining James McLean is Back to Frank Black: A Return to Chris Carter’s Millennium co-editor Adam Chamberlain and journalist, novelist and cult book writer John Kenneth Muir. At the back end of the podcast, Troy Foreman speaks on the upcoming campaign events planned for the near future including the #Millennium4Netflix Twittathon.


To read Back to Frank Black’s reviews of the issues of the comic, click the following links:

  • Issue 1 – review by Brian A. Dixon
  • Issue 2 – review by Adam Chamberlain
  • Issue 3 – review by James McLean
  • Issue 4 – review by Adam Chamberlain
  • Issue 5 – review by Adam Chamberlain


–James McLean


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To purchase the Back to Frank Black book, click here! (profits go to, an organisation who has the goal to help get kids out of child prostitution in the US).

The podcast will be available for download on iTunes. You can also listen to or download the MP3 directly, listen via the the app for iPhone, or stream the interview right here on the blog via the embedded player below.


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