How to Request Millennium via Your Netflix Account


We wanted to once again thank everyone who took part in yesterday’s Tweetathon. We actually achieved something we hadn’t thought possible: featuring in the Top 25 trending topics during the two-hour window. That’s an enormous achievement for Millennium‘s fandom, and we couldn’t have done it without every single one of you that devoted their time and passion once again to Frank Black. So thank you.

Netflix will undoubtedly have heard our pleas, but there’s one more thing we would like all the Netflix subscribers amongst you to do. Whilst there used to be functionality that allowed you to formally request a new title from the service, this is something you can still do by contacting Customer Services directly. To amplify the message we sent Netflix during the Tweetathon, we’d like you to do just that when you next visit your account.

In order to contact Netflix, just scroll to the bottom of your homepage and select “Contact Us” to navigate to the Help Centre. Once there, again scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Start Live Chat”—as per the image below:

Contact Netflix

A new window will open and, typically, an agent will be with you within a matter of seconds. It’s there in that chat window that you can request or show interest in new titles. I have done this, and the conversation was over in a minute or two. The agent was interested and responsive—not least to see the series for themselves!—and added a note to my account to register my interest in Millennium. The more people that do this—no matter where you are in the world—the more Netflix will receive further reinforcement of the message that we would like to see Frank Black streaming on their service.

It’s entirely up to you how you would like to approach such a conversation; you can be as brief or in-depth as you like. You might also want to add a comment as to Millennium‘s relevance to fans of The X-Files or of Chris Carter or Lance Henriksen, for example, or perhaps note its influence upon popular series such as True Detective or Criminal Minds, or reference the Tweetathon itself. Key, though, is just to ask for your interest in watching Millennium on Netflix if it were available to stream.

Thank you once again—you’re all incredible, and your ongoing commitment is appreciate by every single one of us, as well as by the cast and crew of Millennium. This is who we are.


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