Happy Birthday Millennium!

Millennium reaches twenty – and that’s a rather impressive thing. Not the age, no, because everything reaches twenty in some form or another. Alive, inanimate, dead, and fictional, all things make twenty. For most things, once finished, the point of twenty years is a meaningless landmark; an arbitrary cultural milestone that fetishizes even numbers. Indeed, […]

FOX Tweet-a-Thon: Bring back #MillenniuM20th

On Saturday, February 6th 2016, join us for our second tweet-a-thon. This is Millennium‘s 20th anniversary year, and with The X-Files appearing to indicate a successful revival of the 1013 stable, we’re looking to encourage FOX to turn its eye to Frank Black. With news outlets reporting Chris Carter’s vocal interest in a return to […]

Hollow Words: A Millennium Rewatch – Weeds

Feeling a little nostalgic? Put down the latest Millennium comic (hopefully well digested) and click play below. This is a new series of videos to Back to Frank Black, lovingly crafted by Rogue Hollow productions that take a video-retrospective look at episodes of Millennium from season one onwards. This episode looks back at the rather […]

Happy Birthday Millennium! Chris Carter Speaks..

On October 25, 1998, the Fox network debuted the brand new Chris Carter series Millennium. With his success with The X-Files, the network pretty much opened their wallets to get Chris to come up with another hit for the network. On its premiere, Millennium debuted to 18 million viewers and, at the time, was the […]