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Millennium Group Sessions Memorable Millennium Moments!

Here are some easy-to-access favourite podcasts from the Millennium Group Session recordings at Back to Frank Black! I will update these from time to time! Jim

Speaking to speak to Chris Carter

This episode understandably carries resonance. One of the several times we spoke to Millennium’s creator, producer and writer, Chris Carter. A very calm, softly spoken man. Always happy to reach out and talk about Millennium. There is no doubt it remains close to his heart.

Speaking to actor James Morrison

James Morrison (James Horn in season 1 “Dead Letters”) is an actor and musician that is as articulate as he is artistic. A smart man who was a pleasure to talk to, and since then a fascination to follow on social media. Political, insightful, and very honest.

Speaking to actor Trevor White

A name that person isn’t immediately familiar to Millennium fans, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind acknowledging that. He played regular Doug Scaife in four episodes of season 3, and Casper in season 2’s “Midnight of the Century”. I chose this podcast as it was a solo-cast and Trevor made that one-on-one dialogue very easy. I would recommend listening to Trevor narrating Catch-22 on audio book. He very much does that classic novel much justice.

Speaking to Kristen Cloke

Those who lack the required 19 year memory, Kristen effectively played joint second-lead in Millennium‘s second season as Laura Means. Another very genuine and warm personality, and very much worth a (re)listen. Kristen had given us a written interview prior to this audio – in fact, she was one of the first to respond to the campaign. She gave us an early morale boost when we started out, uncertain how cast and crew would react! Thanks Kristen!

Speaking to Barbara Bain

This perhaps was the biggest one for me personally, given Barbara was part of my world way before Millennium via Space: 1999 as a kid first, then Mission: Impossible as a teen (odd how they both love colons those titles. I think everyone who interviews or meets people from their field of interest has a “fan-moment”, so this was mine. She was great to speak to, very charming. I met Martin Landau a few years ago (he was married to Barbara), and he was a pleasure also.