FOX Tweet-a-Thon: Bring back #MillenniuM20th

On Saturday, February 6th 2016, join us for our second tweet-a-thon. This is Millennium‘s 20th anniversary year, and with The X-Files appearing to indicate a successful revival of the 1013 stable, we’re looking to encourage FOX to turn its eye to Frank Black. With news outlets reporting Chris Carter’s vocal interest in a return to […]

Happy Birthday Millennium! Chris Carter Speaks..

On October 25, 1998, the Fox network debuted the brand new Chris Carter series Millennium. With his success with The X-Files, the network pretty much opened their wallets to get Chris to come up with another hit for the network. On its premiere, Millennium debuted to 18 million viewers and, at the time, was the […]

Back to Frank Black Netflix Tweet-A-Thon!

On Saturday, August 15th 2015, we’ll be asking you, fans of Millennium, to offer support to a new campaign to get Millennium onto Netflix. We feel that Netflix could be a vital medium for new fans to experience the world of Frank Black and the Millennium Group. We wish to keep this Tweet-A-Thon as simple […]

Editorial: The X-Files Returns

It’s been a while since we’ve done an editorial, but I figured we best address the small internet explosion that has recently occurred centered around the Chris Carter fold, if in a somewhat belated manner. Reason we haven’t covered this story previously is not because we don’t like The X-Files, but because you can read […]

Hallowe’en Week: Van Quatrro reads Ghosts

For this Hallowe’en week we thought we’d re-earth some of the special ghoulish moments from our Back to Frank Black vault – especially as many will have missed some of this great stuff first time round. We have audio readings from sone of the Millennium cast members to entertain you over the next couple of […]

Top 10 Mark Snow Millennium Music Moments

With Mark Snow having composed an original score for our Millennium trailer, I thought it would be nice to offer a personal top ten Millennium Snow moments! See what you think, see what you remember, see what you agree with! 10 “Sympathy For The…” (Somehow Satan Got Behind Me) – a peculiar mix that mirrors […]

Trevor White needs your vote!

Millennium’s Doug Scaife and all round rather pleasant gentleman, Trevor White is up for a nomination in the Hospital Club’s Evolution: Adapt or Die award and is looking for support. What is Evolution: Adapt or Die? Well I’ll let the website explain given it has a far more succinct grasp of explaining simple concepts […]