Thanks to…

A page which I hope will grow nice and long that thanks to all the active contributors (who have contributed to the material, or been an active part behind-the-scenes) to Back to Frank Black over the years. Given that Back to Frank Black was meant to be a bridge between fan communities and industry, seems appropriate to name those who helped do just that! I won’t pretend that fan communities are the epitome of “happy families” – in my experience, they are usually anything but – fans are not some homogenous group, but I suppose their focus is – they all love the same thing in different ways. In such light, their creative work to such a project as Back to Frank Black should never be ignored or devalued, regardless of how (or even if!) they get on. So here we go – deep breath.

Brian A. Dixon, Adam Chamberlain, Lance Henriksen, Joe Maddrey, Mark Hayden, Troy Foreman, Graham Smith, Christina Nicholls, Jason Morris, Doug Turner, M.R Sellars, Joselyn Rojas, Mark Snow, John Kenneth Muir, Sarah Jane Redmond, Vivi, Laurent Hébert-Dufresne, Juri Vorotynov, James Whittington, Joe MacBrayer, Orodromeus, Benocles, Diego, Matthew Ingles, Avi Quijada, Barry Renshaw, Alison Nastasi, Joe Tangari, Paul Clark, Alexander Zelenyj, Gordon Roberts, William Johnson, and possibly Pat Munn for mocking my attempts to be professional, plus he’d be horrified to find he was on this list.

Oh, and anyone I’ve missed.

Jim McLean